2022 Dream Trip winners

GA Council of Trout Unlimited is pleased to announce this year’s winners.

Proceeds benefit Georgia TU cold water conservation, Georgia Trout Camp, and other Georgia TU Council-supported activities.

Winner NamePrizeTicket Number
Margaret JonesDream Trip Grand Prize Fly-Fishing Vacation for TwoW1792
Jerry Jensen1. Runner Up PrizeW2367
Robert Stephenson2. Runner Up PrizeW2044
Bill Egeland3. Runner Up PrizeW2331
Andy Fleming4. Runner Up PrizeW554
Brian Hazel5. Runner Up PrizeW1330
Phil Upchurch6. Runner Up PrizeW319
Andrew Tubbs7. Runner Up PrizeW605
Mike Karr8. Runner Up PrizeW2143
David Weems9. Runner Up PrizeW803
Zac Mawhinney10. Runner Up PrizeW239
Dave Guhde11. Runner Up PrizeW874
jeff walters12. Runner Up PrizeW367
Mark Romzick13. Runner Up PrizeW1920
Stephen Griner14. Runner Up PrizeW2012
David Saint15. Runner Up PrizeW1151

Dream Trip Winners Details PDF

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