Forest Service workdays and fishing rodeos 2020 update

This is to inform all Georgia Chapters and the Georgia Council that all Forest Service workdays and fishing rodeos are canceled in 2020. David Vinson and I had a phone conversation yesterday and a follow-up email this morning. I have also been in touch with Ruth Stokes and confirmed with her the same status.  We will work on regrouping and getting our schedule set for next year over the next few weeks. Due to the ongoing concerns with Covid-19, the risk is simply not worth the reward at this time.

I would like to request all Chapters to look again at stream projects they deem important and take the time to walk through your stream or other resource and make notes and suggestions on upgrades and or restorations. It may be necessary for the future to do some projects on our own without direct supervision from Forest Service personnel. There are a lot of great opportunities out there and needed work is in endless supply.

Hope this finds you all well and thank you,

Steve Westmoreland

GA TU Conservation Chair

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