How To – Yearly Events Calendar Sheet for Council

How to instructions for the Council’s Yearly Events Calendar excel sheet.

There are two tabs in your sheet example. Tab one, the Organizer is for your chapter name and details (phone number not required). Tab two is the Event Details for each event that you plan on having.

You can download your excel sheet example here: chapter-calendar-events-example.xlsx

Field Detail Notes:

  • Each column name corresponds to information that will show directly on the calendar page. Please do not change the column location.
  • For monthly meetings, use your chapter name and number, for example, UCCTU #435 Monthly Meeting.
  • If your event is all day, skip time entries.
  • Please use one of the given four categories for your event listing, meeting, stream project, fundraising, event.

Document Instructions:

Step 1. Download and open the excel file chapter-calendar-events-example.xlsx

Step 2.  Enable editing

Step 3 .  “Save As” a document on your computer named :   Chapter Name Calendar 2020

Step 4.  Complete the listings for your Chapter

Step 5.  Save

Step 6.  Email the attach excel file to Diane Minick

If you have any questions please contact Diane Minick the council secretary.






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