Participation Counts

Charlie and I attended the 5Rivers UGA meeting last Wednesday where Conner Reynolds (UCCTU President), Danny Jackson (Oconee River President) and Jay Shelton (5Rivers UGA Faculty Sponsor) gave us an overview of what they would like to accomplish with this project.  UCCTU, ORTU, and 5RIVERS UGA are our leaders – BUT THIS IS OUR EMBRACE-A-STREAM GRANT IN GA!

I am asking that every GA TU member step up and make a donation of any amount today – every dollar counts – no amount is too small!

Click Here to Donate by Sunday the 10th

Participation counts as well.  Our leaders have already made efforts to contact several large corporations to assist – many of them have funds to support worthwhile projects for non-profits. THIS WOULD QUALIFY!

As much as the money, the number of supporters we have participating sends a clear message to the potential donors of our commitment to the project.

In 2009 when Charlie was TU State Chairman the Council stepped up with the help of all the Chapters and donated $20,000 to the Nature Conservancy toward the funds needed to purchase the Amicalola River Tract for the state.  Eight million dollars was needed for the purchase.  Clearly the “seed money” we planted was not enough…  BUT!  When the word got out that 3,000 members of TU were supporting this purchase through the gift from the Council it only took a few days for the rest to come in..  Our combined effort made the difference.  Amazing…

Consider fasting one lunch and making that amount your donation – fasting is good for the soul…

Thanks for partnering!  Click below to make your commitment today!

Expect Success!

Embrace a Stream
Challenge Nov 4th – 10th








Share UCCTU’s Facebook post with your network, or you can copy and paste the link for your own post. You can extend our reach by thousands of people with just a couple clicks, and even if only one person sees it and donates, that gets us that much closer to our goal and to repairing Crayfish Creek. Encourage your children/friends/family to share your posts as well. We’ve had members offer up beginner fly fishing lessons to anyone interested in donating.

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